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We are very proud of our Co-Curricular Program on offer at Alkimos Baptist College providing a variety of opportunities for students throughout their school career. Students are encouraged to participate in the Co_Curricular activities because it helps them learn about themselves and others, develop resilience and social and emotional skills that help meet the challenges of life. The Co-Curricular activities also enhance College life for students, staff and the community.

Various activities in sports, drama, music, visual arts and cultural activities are run throughout the calendar year.


Alkimos Baptist College offers an extensive range of sports to be involved in that cater for all interests.


  • Soccer
  • Netball
  • Ultimate Frisbee
  • Basketball
  • Swimming Carnival
  • Cross Country Carnival
  • Athletics Carnival

All sports are facilitated and coordinated by our teaching staff. Without their commitment, these sports would not be available.


The College provides a range of Camps, including local camps and international Trips.

Local Camps

Our Camp programs consist of two compulsory camps in Year 8 and Year 11. These are both 3 day camps filled with fun, challenges and adventure.

The Year 8 Camp to Rottnest Island is a fun filled 3 day camp. This camp is held in Term 1 where the students get to explore the Island, snorkelling, water sports and learn about the history of the island.

The Year 10 Camp to Dwellingup is held in Term 3. The students go on a 3 day camp where they go tunnelling, canoeing and hiking. Dwellingup camp is the place to be!


International Trips

Vietnam Trip

This mission focused trip is run every 2 years. Year’s 10- 12 students are invited to attend based on their service towards others. Students are given an opportunity to visit the children from Give it back to the Kids and build wheelchairs for the Community. This tour is accompanied by staff.

Social Events

Included in the list of Social Events of course is the Year 12 Ball. This is held in the first few weeks of Term 1. The Year 10 Formal Dinner is another major event towards the end of the year. These nights are nights to remember!



We offer a wide variety of sports in our Extra-Curricular sporting program.

  • Swimming Training
  • Cross Country Training
  • Athletics Training
  • Interhouse Sports competition


Our Extra-Curricular Arts Program is extensive. Performing Arts are a proud tradition at Alkimos Baptist College.

  • Music Tuition
  • Band Program
  • Vocal Ensemble
  • Choir

The school private music tuition is at a cost to parents, we offer a wide range of musical instruments with drums, guitar, flute, violin and vocals.

The Extra-Curricular Arts Program could not be without the annual Kulture. This is an Alkimos tradition where students of all talents get to display their gifts in Music, dance and drama to the College and then Parents in an evening show. This electric night is the highlight of the Calendar.

Social Events

Social Events are held for each year group in each term. We believe they are an important aspect of College life as it is an opportunity for students in the year group to interact with each other in a setting out of the School environment. It is a time where students and teachers can interact away from the text books.

Each term, an event will be determined at the commencement of the term. Students are provided with details on the event during Form Class. Most events are a small cost as they are not compulsory to attend. All events require parental consent. Consent forms are sent home along with the details of the event.


We also offer after school tutoring for any students who need help in Maths or English. The tutoring classes are held on Tuesday and Thursday from 3 – 4pm.