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In 2009, the College Board was approached by Nigel Satterley of the Satterley Consortium to start a Baptist College in the northern coastal suburb of Alkimos, commencing in 2011. The Board had experience in starting other Baptist Colleges such as, Lake Joondalup Baptist College, Winthrop Baptist College, Somerville Baptist College, Mandurah Baptist College, Geelong Baptist College and Austin Cove Baptist College.

Mr Satterley had seen the fast growth rate of the Baptist Colleges in a 20 year period and wanted to establish another Baptist College in the new suburb of Alkimos in 2011. Mr Satterley did not win the Alkimos land tender and the land negotiations continued to secure land for the College.

A steering committee was formed with Mike Smith, John Smith, Gary Harris, Carol Harris, Maryann Malzer, Paul Sonneman-Smith, Kieran Graham and Allison Smith. The first meeting took place at Quinns Baptist College on 20 June 2009. A photo was taken to remember the inaugural meeting.

Gary Harris and Carol Harris were appointed Secondary and Primary Principals respectively. Gary and Carol Harris were foundation senior staff of Geelong Baptist College, which commenced in 2002. Gary Harris was the Deputy Principal at Quinns Baptist and Carol Harris was the Head of Primary at Lake Joondalup Baptist College.

In 2011 Alkimos Baptist College opened its doors to 160 students from K-8 at the former Kingsway Christian College North Campus in Merriwa. The campus was to be leased until land was secured and buildings ready at Alkimos.

The Merriwa campus was purchased by the College Board in 2013.